“Germany’s Next Top Model 2014″ With Heidi Klum Pauline convinced with “French-style”

For this year’s season of “Germany’s next Top Model 2014″ Celebrity Heidi Klum has once again found beautiful girls. One of them is the Pauline, who can wrap any guy around her finger with her French style. Heidi Klum  re-examined ” Germany’s next Top Model 2014 “- and has a few nice candidates picked out for her mission. In a first-look clip arises, for example, the beautiful Pauline ago: “I have just been introduced in French. I’m Pauline, 18 years old, I’m from Lyon and I am a student”.The candidate of “Germany’s Next Top Model 2014″-creator Celebrity Heidi Klum may therefore speak two languages ​​fluently: “My mother is German, so I can be as good German I was also at an international school..” And also of self-confidence does not seem to be lacking the pretty blonde, “I do think that the guys are on my French style When I stand at the bar and there is a type of like me, then I wait and he’ll come. sometime. “ When “Germany’s next Top Model 2014″ Pauline, however, must convince any men of themselves, but model mom Heidi Klum and the judges Wolfgang Joop  and Thomas Hayo: “What makes me as a model, is my size and I. think that one should always have beautiful fingernails – whether short or long. ”