Kim Kardashian comes to the Vienna Opera Ball

Kim Kardashian comes to the Vienna Opera Ball. Richard “mortar” liar is always good for a spectacular accompaniment at the Vienna Opera Ball. This time is Celebrity Kim Kardashian.

From the wedding with Singer Celebrity Kanye West at the Palace of Versailles has become nothing yes nu. That’s why TV sensation is aiming for Celebrity Kim Kardashian to another old venerable institution like “Old Europe“: the Vienna Opera Ball. Apparently accompanies the curve miracle the building tycoon Richard liar , nicknamed “mortar”, this year in his box. In the footsteps of Gina Lollobrigida, Brigitte Nielsen, Larry Hagman, Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson Thus it occurs.

“They pretty around and has a lot of special requests,” told “mortar” the Austrian “Kronen Zeitung”. 2010 liar was ever ends it girl fallen into the trap. Celebrity Lindsay Lohan was then despite contract did not appear to the ball and Dieter Bohlen stepped in as a replacement at short notice. Probably the host has this time been loaded yet more at side. The Miss World 2011, Celebrity Ivian Sarcos from Venezuela, is to come. In addition, it is said, liar stand with Jungle Camp By Starterin Larissa Marolt in negotiations.