The 6 new Technologies that will Succeed in 2020.


There is a number of technologies that will help you grow your business or either help you in your daily routine tasks. But 6 of the best technologies for 2020 are.

1. Clean Energy or Clean Energy. It is the biggest challenge. Energy sectors: solar, wind, biofuels, bioenergy, carbon capture and storage, nuclear fusion energy, and battery storage (including plutonium and strontium batteries). The new energies will improve living conditions in developing countries.

2. Nanotechnology. It is the new technology that is based on the manipulation of microscopic materials and that allows working and manipulating molecular structures and their atoms. Thanks to nanotechnology, important innovations are developed in areas such as carbon nanotubes; the desalination of water thanks to graphene, and 3D printing with electronics, as well as great advances in medicine, surgery, and new industries that will change numerous products. All this concludes that you should be knowledgeable about tech news.

3. Cloud Education. Companies like Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Code Academy, Skillshare, and non-profit organizations like Khan Academy and EDx are enabling anyone in the world with a cloud connection to receive a high-quality education from Harvard, Stanford, or the MIT! Broadband Internet accessibility will reach places that are not available now. Another example is Womenalia’s free MOOCs.

Twitter has been holding the crown for discussion about music and watch tv shows online free. But this reign is about to end, at least by the looks of it. Now its rival Facebook has launched a new feature to get users to talk about music and tv shows more on its platform.

4. Desalination of Water. Thanks to recent research at MIT, graphene has been used to create an energy-efficient way to remove salt from water. As the human population grows, it will reach 9,500 million in 2050, it will guarantee access to drinking water for a part of towns that lack it. Something of vital importance to allow both improved health and nutrition and geopolitical stability.

5. Mobile and PC convergence. Our smartphone will soon be our PC too. We will only have to connect the phone to an HDMI monitor to turn it into a complete PC. Once smartphones are powerful enough to run Excel, there will be no reason to have a separate computer unit for the larger monitor. Already at this time, in India, 59% of Internet users access only by mobile. In addition, there are essential free app maker in 2020 that will help you build your business with ease

6. Quantum Computing. In 2013, Google purchased a DWAVE II Quantum Computer and in collaboration with NASA, created the Quantum Artificial Research Center (QUAIL). Unlike binary computers, in which bits must be in state 1, or state 0, computers with Quantum technology use overlapping to allow all stages between 0 and 1, allowing much more processing Quick. Studies on quantum particles will greatly multiply the speed of computers, which will also accelerate the possibilities of researchers.


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