How long Does SEO take for a New site to Rank ? How to SEO in 2020?


The Blog is written to most frequently asked questions in 2020, how to SEO, How long does SEO take for a new site to rank in 2020?.  People are more conscious of seeing their website on top searches. They are more likely anxious about that. If you are reading this post that shows that you want to see the result for your website right away right?

how to SEO

Here in this blog post, we’ll tell you how long your new website would take to rank on Google’s first page in the first position. So keep on reading the article. 

SEO was used to be easy initially in back 2000. Back in the day people got results in a few months but now it’s not that easy as it looks. Because now, SEO is super competitive you have to build thousands and even millions of high authority backlinks with quality content on it. You can also check for how to do SEO to grow your e-commerce business 

How to SEO?

Now, you can say that Google is so picky in choosing whether this website is worth ranking or not. Firstly, we’ll start with how SEO has changed with the passing years. 

Keyword Research: This is one of the major areas to pick if you want to rank on Google. There are thousands and millions of websites that are targeting the same niche as you are in. So, for that, you’ve to pick the right keyword for your SEO strategy that has the lowest keyword difficulty with high volume. This will be easy to target and will bring you more traffic to your site. You need to focus on more than 3 keywords in one blog post.

These keywords should be closely relevant to your focus keyword. According to well-known SEO experts, we’ll need a min of 1 main keyword on a single page that is lifted by a number of supporting keywords. Also, try not to over-optimize your content by keyword stuffing as Google is now smarter to figure out such tricks. You can also check for How to write SEO text that ranks well?

How Much Time your website will take to Rank on Google?

Actually, it all depends. According to research, it takes for a new site to see some difference in ranking is 4-6 months to show in SERPs. However, in SEO, there is no definitive answer to such a question, it all depends on your SEO strategy and how organic things are working on your sites. It may depend on your site keywords research, it also depends on your niche whether it is worth targeting or not. So, if you are in a niche where there is a lack of content fertility and there is no competition then you can jump up to the ranking in 3 months if targeted and done after a complete the keyword research plan. If you want to rank your app well in terms of ASO you can use best free app builder.

You might get the answer on how to SEO in 2020. If you are a new startup and you are regularly posting content on your website, with great keyword research and link building you can get the rankings within 3-4 months for sure. Just keep this in mind that whatever you’ll do keep it natural. Do not mess up with Google algorithms as they are the key player in that niche. 

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