Marketing Tricks For Mobile Apps To Increase App Downloads


It is useless if you invest large sums of money in creating mobile applications so that they are well developed and designed, if then you do not make an effort to make them known.

It is very common that mobile applications with great potential (with large investments in development teams and very innovative designs), end up in the depths of the application stores, without accumulating more than a hundred downloads. The worst thing about this case is that this situation does not occur sporadically, but is rather more common than you might believe.

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Mobile applications that seek a large volume of active users, such as games for mobile devices. My goal is to offer you several ways to optimize your marketing efforts so that your app is seen within a sea of ​​mobile apps. Take note of these tricks to take your application to the top.

Saving Time & Budget For Creating Mobile App

You can divide your time and budget for creating and marketing your app if you have the correct market knowledge. Mostly people spend most of their budget and time in hiring a freelancer to create their mobile app. However, you can use app builders like APPSTYLO best free app builder to create apps with less budget and time and spend the rest of resources in marketing to increase app downloads.

Understand and apply ASO app positioning techniques

I’m going to start with the basics of app marketing. You have to optimize the information you offer about your app to users. This information is not only useful for who is going to download the app, but it is the basic and essential information that search engines use to display results.

The ASO or App Store Optimization or Optimization for Applications Stores basically consists of working on the contents that your app shows to the world (for example, the title or description that it has in the App Store).

  1. Analyze the competition and their applications
  2. Define the keywords and use them in the title and description
  3. Create engaging and visual content
  4. Pay attention to ratings and reviews
  5. Meet the best ASO tools

App indexing or Indexing your App in search engines

If you are involved in the world of marketing and mobile applications, this point may already sound like you. The truth is that it is a fairly recent practice and that not all apps implement it in their code.

So first I’m going to explain what App Indexing is and define it a little better. According to Google itself, App Indexing consists of “Making Your App Content Searchable”, that is, making it easier for your app to be found and indexed .

In short, it is making the content of your app “searchable” by search engines such as Google. What App Indexing actually allows is that Google bots are able to read the language of your application and find out what it contains.

Anyway, how can I benefit from App Indexing? Very easy, I will explain you in 3 points:

Greater visibility: Apart from the application store search engine, you will also appear in Google searches carried out from mobile devices

Strengthen your brand: If you appear in organic search engine results for certain searches, you will be able to strengthen your brand

More downloads: It is very likely that whoever searches for any of your keywords from the mobile is interested in your app, so you can increase your downloads and get new users

Optimize content by device

Surely you have already planned it in the initial plan of your app development but, just in case, I want to dedicate this third point to remind you. It is very important that you optimize your content for the different devices on which you are going to display your content, be it the app, a landing page, the store or even your social networks.

Optimizing content for smartphones may seem easy, but I remind you that, especially on Android, there are different screen sizes (the same is true for tablets, as there are hundreds of different models of tablets that work with Android).

In the case of iOS, when running on Apple devices the screen sizes are very limited, so the optimization process will be easier. Finally, it would also be recommended that you take into account other mobile devices on the rise, such as smartwatches or smart watches.

For example, the Samsung Gear and the most recent Apple Watch are two of the most visible wearables of the moment and it is worth taking them into account, if not now, for the not too distant future.

Analyze the market for influencers

On the other hand, I have mentioned being in contact with influencers. This is a more discreet way, and is often more effective, than traditional reviews. The concept is the same, that an opinion is left in writing by a person who is followed by thousands or millions of people. Influencers, although it may not seem like it, have the power to shape the opinion of their followers and even increase the sales of a brand’s products.

There are cases of fashion influencers who have managed to run out of stock of some of the products they have shared on social networks and on their blog. By contacting influencers that fit your application, you can make it known and get new users and downloads. There are cases in which, simply by asking, influencers will test your app and recommend it on their social networks. But those with the most followers and fans will also charge an advertising fee for your app’s promotion service.

You can manage this yourself, although it can be a bit chaotic if you have never done it before and if you have many influencers. Fortunately, there are tools like Influences that help you manage these campaigns with influencers and celebrities .

For cases where your strategy has a limited budget, we encourage you to do an exercise in personal contact with these influencers that interest you. If you do not have money to invest in this marketing trick, focus on those who do not have too many followers, it is very possible that if they like your app they will talk about it on their channels without charging.

Finally, remember that you do not pay for a good review, but rather because they talk about your app. If they don’t like it, they will say so, that is why it is essential that you execute this type of strategy when you have tested your app well and that you have eliminated all serious errors. Try to leave it polished and ready to receive good opinions. The opinions of the stores will provide guidance on whether there are serious errors to correct or not.

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