SEO Checklist for New Sites in 2020


In creating a website, you have to have an SEO checklist to do to make sure nothing is missing. The first thing is to use a domain name optimized for SEO.

Your domain name is very important, and so is how the world tells you what your Website is about. Don’t just use words that come to mind.

You have to take into account factors like keyword rankings and websites with similar names.

Choose your domain name carefully

  1. Why do you need your Website to be SEO optimized?
  2. And, what does this mean for your business?
  3. SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization.

Search engines like Google need to identify your website so that your potential customers can locate it on the Internet.

It is very important that you appear well-placed in the search results, therefore, you must do SEO activities, and hence the importance of having an SEO checklist at hand.

If you want to publicize the content of your site and make it easier for people to find it, you must do everything necessary to appear in the top positions of Google, and for that take into account the following:

Make It Accessible

Is your website easy to find, or is it nowhere? If your website is at the top of Google, people will click on the link and go to your domain right away. Ideally, your page should be at least on the first page of the results. You can accomplish this by using high-quality content on your website and doing a little keyword research.

If you are selling products or ideas, chances are you need to increase traffic to your website. Having that traffic makes your customers closer to your brand, products, offers, and promotions. And with that, you are more likely to convert that traffic into buyers. You might also like to know ways to pick the right SEO firm for your business.

Analyze your Keywords

  • Something else to include on your SEO checklist for new websites.
  • Choose keywords that are highly relevant to the content you post.
  • Use a keyword research tool and play around with these words.
  • Do some research on Google to find out what terms people are searching for, and also what your competition is talking about.

Have valuable content
Check if your content will make the reader smile and not make fun of what you find on your site.

Check your website design and check if it’s easy to read, use and navigate, or if on the contrary, it is messy and slow, and it makes your followers not find the information they are looking for, get bored and leave.

Create and Optimize your accounts on Social Networks
Set up your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts.

Build links (links) between your Social Networks and your Website.

  1. Start with your business contacts, and the easiest way is to start with the people you already know.
  2. This will make it easier for your acquaintances to refer you to other people and recommend it on their Social Networks.
  3. Share original and engaging content, and post links to your Website, start dialogues and join in on the conversations.
  4. Attend all questions, complaints, and claims from your friends and followers of social networks.
  5. If you follow this SEO checklist for your Website, you will most certainly get the expected results.

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