How to Write SEO text that Ranks Well?


Writing an SEO text that Ranks Well is easy.  Good SEO content is the one that best answers a user’s question. White and bottled.

Google earns money being the best search engine that exists -after our mother, that as she has to go and look, you charge-, and for this, she needs to provide you with the content that best answers your question, which you ask her in the form of a search.

Optimizing technical elements helps a little, but it is not essential and it is not nearly as important as making content that you like.

Now, how do you write an SEO article? What do we have to know to write an SEO-correct text?

Things that work in SEO texts

Do not worry, we are not going to get into technical things: it is common sense applied, like everything in SEO.


It is true that generally, an article has to be directed to a keyword or topic that you are looking for.

That is why it is important to know that it does not matter if you hesitate between “car rental”, “vehicle rental” or “rent a car”. The important thing is what lies behind, that is, if the user’s intention corresponds to the purpose of your content, any of the options will be correct.

Do you know what you are looking for more? As in principle you have no idea  (and neither do I) what you do is go to tools such as Übersuggest to give you search ideas, and the Google Keyword Planner ,  Keywords Everywhere  or SemRush to tell you the volume of each one of they.

If you want more information about this, you can see more information in our keyword guide for SEO .

When you’ve identified several that look good, do the Google search yourself and see which one has the strongest competition.

At a glance, you can identify it by seeing if they are powerful websites or not (better to compete against Paco’s blog than against Amazon), and if you doubt, you can use tools like ahrefs to look at the links that each URL has. If you have many links it will be stronger than if you have few or none.


The URL has to be fully optimized for the keyword or theme on which the content revolves. Eliminate words that do not add value, such as conjunctions, prepositions, and other stop words.

  • Bad : / the-10-best-electric-cars-that-petaran-in-2014 /
  • Good : / best-electric-cars-2014 /

Regarding the extension, there is no recommended maximum, although the ideal is that the content depth does not exceed 3 levels.

  • Bad : / level1 / level2 / level3 / level4 / content
  • Good : / level1 / level2 / content

Obviously, when we talk about blog posts, the idea is that the part of the URL referring to the content is at the first level.

The title has to be cool

How many posts have been made on how to write SEO text? You have to add something that sets it apart from the other 50,000 equals, and the title has to be your statement of intent.

  • Wrong: How to write SEO texts
  • Good: 10 secrets to writing SEO texts that no one else will tell you.

Please note that the title has to be between 50 and 70 characters in order for it to appear integer in the search engines.

But you know what? A longer title may have greater engagement on social networks, favoring you to generate traffic, links, and social signals (and this will mean that you have better positions).

Often content with high competition has to fight to offer maximum value, not to have the keywords in the title. In the example, the Wikipedia output does not have the key term in either the title or the description. And it is the second result! If you are interested in SEO you check out digital marketing Course Ahmedabad.

The description is your secret weapon

The meta-description tag is the text that is displayed under the title in Google results. They do not influence how the content is positioned, they influence that if they are cool, people click on them, and if they are not cool they don’t.

  • Wrong: In this article, you will learn how to write SEO optimized texts.
  • Good: Do you want to write SEO optimized texts? Well, you have come to the right place. You will learn the 15 secrets of SEO that will make you an expert.

The structure has to be consistent

Imagine that you read a newspaper where the news is first, halfway through the reading you see the title, and the subtitle is at the end. If it doesn’t make any sense to you, neither does Google.

The H1 always before the H2, the H3 inside the H2, and it adds and follows. Beyond H2 or at most H3, you should not have excessive needs to continue ordering information, so do not seek to force your way to H6, seriously, it is not necessary.

And that’s it! It seems like a lie, but if you meet these points your post will be optimized for SEO. Obviously that’s not all, you also have to avoid making rookie mistakes …

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