Top 5 Gadgets Arriving in 2020


The best gadgets each year are anticipated at a large consumer electronics trade show called CES in the American city of Las Vegas, where companies large and small reveal all the news they’ve been working on.

Much of these things are far from being ready to sell to real consumers because it’s too flamboyant or futuristic or high-concept or all of the above.

Still, it’s fun to watch it. While much of the market-ready stuff looks almost boring in comparison, it will actually make our lives more efficient in one way or another when it launches.

These gadgets that you will read below are the 10 most notable rotate in both territories: extravagant and useful. Here is a sample of what this year and in future years’ technology companies and other items will have to offer you.

Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR

There is no way this machine will run on the asphalt in 2020. The asphalt may never arrive. However, it is both crazy and eco-friendly, so it is important.

To create the AVTR, Mercedes-Benz partnered with James Cameron and the Avatar team, hence the name, to brainstorm how a vehicle can become one with its surroundings without being a plant.

The answer is advanced, conceptual AVTR technology from Mercedes-Benz, ranging from autonomous driving (no steering wheel) and a highly efficient electric battery to the neurons that flow around the vehicle to sense passenger energy.

Samsung Sero TV

In terms of television, it is worth noting the new Sero TV by Samsung, a brand that is already venturing into 8K, because its defining characteristic goes beyond LED and 4K and what it has.

It seems so obvious: a television that goes from the horizontal plane to the vertical plane. That’s what Samsung is doing with The Sero, which means “vertical” in Korean.

LG Signature R OLED TV

One of LG’s 2020 TVs goes from horizontal to non-existent by sliding towards its base when not needed. LG debuted this 4K HDR OLED Smart TV in 2019 and this year confirmed that it will go on sale in the U.S. sometime in 2020 for around $60,000.

Yes, you read that right, $60,000 for a 65-inch television that will look very cutting-edge in your living room.

Alien ware Concept UFO

The selling point for this gaming device is simple: it’s the Nintendo Switch of PC gaming, with detachable parts, a “jumper” to connect those two separate parts to make a great controller, an eight-inch screen, and a stand to shore up the screen.

But most significantly, Alien ware compares its power to that of a PC gaming device to support games that the Switch will not support.

PopSocket PopPower Home

PopSocket knows that it is basically impossible to charge a newer smartphone with a PopGrip on the back using a Qi-enabled wireless charger without having to remove the PopGrip, which is a bummer.

So PopSocket released their solution: a wireless charger with a small crack hollowed out on the surface so that the PopGrip fits comfortably without impeding the charging process.

These are some of the best Gadget found for you in 2020. If you liked our post then do give us your valuable feedback.

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